Best Suited to: ROObaba and ROObargain

Here we look at ways to create a bright and airy living room and dining room.

  1. The Style: First things first! Lets decide on the style, for example either Modern, traditional, art deco. In this example, we’ve gone for a modern look with a twist on art deco for the living room.
  2. Choosing the Colour of your Walls: A natural based colour such as cream, beige, light grey or a pastel blue will give a fresh modern feel which is classic and timeless. Adding a splash of colour such as a darker blue or gold (as seen in the living room) can make the room vibrant and more modern.
  3. Shapes and Sizes: We’ve sourced some beautiful pieces which can be both modern and art deco. If we look at the living room, the sofa has an art deco appeal with the folded arm rests. Positioned as a centre piece, this sofa creates an exciting and inviting space to relax.
  4. The Details: We love details! The beauty is all in the details. Adding pieces with little details will really make the room look particularly special. If we take a look at the dining table and chairs, the legs of both have gold detailing which really adds to the design.
  5. Make your House a Home: As well as the design, your rooms have to be comfortable and cosy, making your house a home! We are really proud of our furniture which are all beautifully designed with added comfort.