At a time when things get tough, we believe in working together, coming together and supporting one another.  In this quite frankly, unimaginable time, the situation has affected all of us, each in different ways.

At a time like this when it can be so nerve-wracking for people to self-isolate and when there’s so much uncertainty, we wanted to come together as a community and spread positivity.

Here at ROOBBA, we have joined forces with six people who share a love of their home. They each have their own beautiful story and we take such inspiration from themselves and their homes. And together they are sharing their advice on how to make your home a sanctuary during these challenging times.

We are proud to have our second interview with the wonderful Chelsea, whose home has so many beautiful grey textures, from the velvet chairs to the wooden kitchen island. We love the intricate details that make such a warm and cosy home.


Instagram: @essexfamily_no4renovations
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Hi Chelsea! Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Chelsea, I am 33 and a proud mum of 2 beautiful children, my son is 10 and my daughter is 6. Me and my fiancé first met in primary school where we were friends first and the rest is history. We are both originally from East London, true cockneys, and now live in Essex.

This is our second home we have bought and before that we were renting. We only moved into this house in June and it has been our biggest renovation yet! We still have lots to do, but money don’t grow on trees hey, so it’s a work in progress.

I love going on holidays, eating out and visiting the theatre.

I am a hairdresser by trade and was a salon manager, before children.

I am a down to earth, kind and friendly person who loves to chat to others!

So if your finding your time hard in isolation or just need a friendly face to chat to, drop me a message on Instagram. If we stick together we can conquer anything we put our minds too. x


Where does your passion for design and interiors stem from?

I have always had a passion for interiors. It probably started from a teenager, when living at home I was always going shopping with my mum – she always loved a home shop! But I moved out when I was 22 and to decorate and style my first home was beyond exciting, and the love of interiors has grown over the years. I even had my own small interior business years ago selling home accessories.


What are your thoughts on self-isolation and has it affected you in any way?

Obviously we are all going to feel slightly anxious, it’s more the unknown I think, it’s nothing we have ever had to experience before. But I am a very positive person and I believe in taking each day as it comes, remain calm and just be thankful for what we do have there’s always light at the end of the tunnel! Better days are coming!


What are your tips for our incredibly inspirational NHS force and key workers when they come home from a shift?

Oh they really are incredible hey, I think as a society we can’t thank them enough, the hard work they are putting in is just amazing. I would think they are very exhausted after their long shifts so I would say any kind of relaxation methods would be ideal, a nice relaxing bath maybe, their favourite kind of music, or a good candle burning and get into comfy loose clothes.


Do you have any stories that people can take inspiration from?

I don’t think I  have a personal inspirational story but I just believe always set your sights high, if you aim positive you will always do better than you expected!

I love the quote “sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can fall together”


What’s your favourite room/place in your home? Do you have a little sanctuary spot in your home?

My favourite room is probably our kitchen/dining area. It’s an open plan area with an island and I really feel it’s the hub of our home, where we all come together. We all seem to congregate here wether it’s the kids doing homework, playing with their iPads, eating their dinner or doing some arts and crafts. I can still be cooking and still socialise with the family. For me home is where my heart is so it’s where I can really relax and feel most comfortable with my loved ones!


What are your top 3 pieces of advice for people self-isolating?

Don’t overthink the situation and make the most of your time at home! Plan jobs you may need doing, around the house, I think if you keep the mind busy less time to worry about other things. Get some fresh air in the garden or set daily exercise routines to keep you active.


What pieces of advice do you have for those living on their own during self-isolation?

We are so lucky in this day and age that we have access to the internet so we can keep in touch via social media, FaceTime, Skype etc, that’s always a great way to see family and friends or have a chat to lift sprits up. Or if this is not something you have access to listening to music, doing regular exercise, are always great ways to keep the mind active! I love colouring, and doing craft activities, maybe you enjoying sewing or writing, what ever keeps your mind busy I recommend.


Do you prefer home cooking or take-outs? And what will be your go-to foods during this time? Any tips on this?

Oh we are all real foodies in our house and I love to cook and experiment with new recipes but we also love a good takeout so I think we will probably have both, but this is such a great time to try out new recipes get creative, especially if your finding it harder to pick up your normal buys! Think out of the box and try something you wouldn’t normally have! I’m definitely going to encourage the children to cook a lot more with me, get them to cut up the veggies or show them how to follow basic recipes. Children are much more inclined to eat the food if they have helped you prepare it. I find pasta and rice dishes are always a big hit in our house so they will prob be our go to meals. Pintrest is always great for recipe ideas.


What are your top 3 design tips for those who want to spruce up their home during this time?

Maybe there are jobs or rooms you have a been meaning to tackle then this could be the ideal time. Or you could freshen rooms up with a good lick of paint or new wallpaper. Panelling is a real timeless feature and looks amazing, I am definitely hoping to add some to my house over this time! Or if your not wanting to spend much money and need to tighten your belts over this time I always find a jiggle of the furniture moving some items around can really change a room and make your feel happier with the space, (I’m forever moving accessories or furniture around).


What are your top 3 tips for those people that are new for working from home?

Maybe set a timetable so you still feel like you have some kind of structure in place, routine is always good. Find a space you feel comfortable in and set it as your work space, if you normally have music or the radio playing in the background create this at home also. Ensure you take breaks and remove yourself from the working space maybe take a walk or grab some lunch in the garden/ or balcony if the weather is bright.


Thank you Chelsea, and we love your beautiful quote – we can definitely tackle this together!


Keep Safe Everyone.