At a time when things get tough, we believe in working together, coming together and supporting one another.  In this quite frankly, unimaginable time, the situation has affected all of us, each in different ways.

At a time like this when it can be so nerve-wracking for people to self-isolate and when there’s so much uncertainty, we wanted to come together as a community and spread positivity.

Here at ROOBBA, we have joined forces with six people who share a love of their home. They each have their own beautiful story and we take such inspiration from themselves and their homes. And together they are sharing their advice on how to make your home a sanctuary during these challenging times.

We are proud to have our third interview with the delightful Eva Syti, who inspires everyone to do what makes them happy and focus on well-being and self-love. Eva provides some really motivational advice and emphasises the importance of a routine.


Instagram: @evaciland_
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Hi Eva! Can you tell us about yourself and what you do?

I am Eva! A Fashion, Beauty and Interior digital content creator. I am 30years old and originally from Greece where I studied and worked for over 7 years as a preschool teacher. In the meantime I worked in a few PR positions and marketing companies as part time. I guess I always had a thing for creative jobs. I moved to London 3 years ago and worked in hospitality as Assistant Manager and Event Manager while I was building my website and Instagram. I then had a few jobs as Social Media Assistant and Marketing Executive. I decided to go self-employed a year ago as everything together was a bit too much for me. I am now working and sharing my favourite beauty routine and ways to inspire my audience in how to improve our skin, our style or home. Its the small things that makes us happy and I want to bring this small things to your home or routine.


Where did your passion for décor, fashion and design come from?

Well not really sure if there was a significant point in my life that I decided to really working in fashion , beauty and interior content.  It was always about sharing the things that made me feel happy like the place I live , my makeup corner or a pretty dress as a pick me up on a gloomy day.  I can definitely say that there was a point that I looked back and I realized these things makes me happy so I decided to do more of it.


What are your thoughts on self-isolation and has it affected your work in any way?

Its a necessary thing we all need to go through, its not optional! Even though its not as dangerous for young people so far we still need to be responsible when it comes to other people and self isolate ourselves because we are a threat to older people in case we are currying the virus without knowing it. It has definitely affected my work as it has slow down due to uncertainty of this period. My clients are a lot more hesitant and unable to commit to future projects. Its really hard when you cant tell what the future holds.


Do you have any stories that people can take inspiration from during these times?

I am currently living with the landlord and even if my sister lives half an hour from me we are trying to avoid contact and my parents and family are in Greece where I am originally from so its really me. I am using this extra bit time home and I workout out – yoga using Asana Rebel app – half an hour 5 times a few. This had a really positive effect on my body and my confidence. I started reading that book that I bought and I only used as a decoration so far! And I don’t collect candles anymore. I am always enjoying a cup of tea with 2-3 candles lit up around me – they make me feel so relaxed. I bought small pleasures to my routine and I just take one day at a time.


What are your tips for our incredibly inspirational NHS force and key workers when they come home from a shift?

Self love and self-treatment is the key. Do something that makes you feel good. Sit down and enjoy your tea with a candle on the side even for 5min, apply a sheet mask to hydrate your skin for 10min or enjoy a hot bath with aromatic salts. Even if you are really tired or your kids went to sleep a bit later than usual find 5minutes for yourself – it will make you feel good!


What’s your favourite spot in your home? And where do you love to work from?

Its the dining area / place. Sounds a bit weird but we have a big table by the window and I love sitting there when working from home even before the lockdown. I use it as my office and I love when its sunny I can enjoy the sunshine on my skin through the window. There are days I love sitting in the sofa or the balcony but never – ever in my room. I would recommend never working from your room as it affects our psychology and researches shows when we sleep we dont get the same rest. Its really important not to mix your relaxing room (your bedroom) with work.



What are your pieces of advice for keeping a sense of normality during these times and how not to stress?

Have a routine. Even though you may not accept its importance now, it makes such a difference day to day. It gives you a purpose. Try and avoid people, social media or news that makes you feel uncomfortable or overstressed. Keep in contact with reality without overdoing it. Social media can be overwhelming,  your friends may stress you more these days – keep things and people that brings positivity to your day. You are allowed to step back and create an emotionally safe place for yourself. Have some time just for yourself, make it a ritual! No kids, no husband , no boyfriend or brother – just you!


What are your tips for keeping a routine?

Even for me working from home its different now as I never really used to be home all day so believe when I say we are in this together. Wake up and sleep always the same time  (or roughly the same – no pressure ) – it will get you into a productive schedule.  If you get out of schedule or you dont have such a productive day don’t panic. Its ok to have a hard time some days but remember that tomorrow is a new day and you can always do better. Treat yourself a bouquet of flowers, bath or a glass of wine in the end of day – you deserve it, reward yourself for every small win – even if its making it through the day.


What are your top tips for those who want to spruce up their home during this time?

Ok, a common mistake is that we usually think we have to buy new things to make our home look different or better. Sometimes we do but if you cant really afford it or get into any expenses you can still work on creating a better place simply by playing with the thing you already own. The smallest change into how you put the furniture together or change the frames to your room with the one in the living room or just by adding a candle in the bathroom really changes the look of each area and how you feel about it. Flowers always look to have a positive affect on how we feel and add a colour in your place.


What pieces of advice do you have for those living on their own during self-isolation?

It is harder for sure but its safer in a way. Try to keep yourself busy and occupied with multiple projects. Its usually when we are bored we feel more stressed, overwhelming etc. Its a good time to do things for yourself. Download ‘Houseparty’ app and call your friends – it can be really fun and help you stay connected with your loved ones.


Home-cooking or Take-outs? And how can we make the most of the food we have?

Most of the days I cook and some days I order food but giving the situation I am trying to cook more and avoid extra expenses and contact with other people. I love salads – not the definition of cooking but anything fresh really. As pasta and rice are running a bit low in most of the stores fresh fruits and vegetables are always available – also healthier. I use BBC recipes to find simple recipes, google has been my best friend when it comes to cooking.


Thank you Eva, you are definitely right self love and self-treatment is key especially for our inspirational frontline workers at this time. 


Keep Safe Everyone.