At a time when things get tough, we believe in working together, coming together and supporting one another.  In this quite frankly, unimaginable time, the situation has affected all of us, each in different ways.

At a time like this when it can be so nerve-wracking for people to self-isolate and when there’s so much uncertainty, we wanted to come together as a community and spread positivity.

Here at ROOBBA, we have joined forces with six people who share a love of their home. They each have their own beautiful story and we take such inspiration from themselves and their homes. And together they are sharing their advice on how to make your home a sanctuary during these challenging times.

We’re really proud to have our fifth interview with the amazing Louise Clark, whose home has the most exquisite use of natural wood textures and calming grey tones. The definition of country chic. And lets not forget about Louise’s incredibly cute French bulldog Bella, a little star!


Instagram: @the_house_on_sea_view
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Hi Louise! Can you tell us about yourself?

 Hi there! I am 34 years old and live with my partner Adam and our little rescue French Bulldog, Bella.  I met my partner in Thailand 8 years ago and we have been together for 5 years and he has never been able to get rid of me since!  I am originally from Yorkshire although I moved to Gateshead with Adam which is where we bought our first home together.

I work full time as a Lawyer and spend my spare time decorating and sprucing up our family home and terrorising Adam with the latest DIY project I have thought up for him to do!


Where did your passion for interiors and home design come from?

It was the Instagram community that really started my passion.  When we bought our first home together I started looking online for inspiration and ideas to help with decorating and saw so many wonderful home and décor that it kind of became an obsession and I wanted my house to look just as good as the ones I saw online!


Has self-isolation affected you in any way?

It is a difficult time for everyone but I think the only way to get through this is for us all to stay at home & try & stay positive.   If you have been told to self isolate then it’s important that you do that as much as you possibly can.

I have been having symptoms so I am self isolating myself.  It is difficult not being able to go to the shops but we are lucky enough to have friends nearby and amazing neighbours who have been dropping things on our doorstep if we need it.


Do you have any stories or quotes that people can take inspiration from?

Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud – we are all going through a tough time at the minute but some people are struggling more than others and we can all do one little thing to cheer someone else up.  My friend has a small candle business called Bearburners and she has been running a daily giveaway to send out parcels with candles or wax melts just to cheer people up. It’s the little things like that which are really helping pick each other up at this time. 


What are your tips for our incredibly inspirational key workers and NHS Heroes when they come home from a shift?

They are doing an amazing job and it’s important that they get some time

to relax after a shift.  Run a bath, have a pamper, grab that glass of wine. 

It’s important not to let the stress of what’s happening get you run down and, most importantly – stay safe!


What pieces of advice do you have for those living on their own during self-isolation and how to keep in touch with family?

My mum lives on her own and I from speaking to her every day that she has been struggling.  It isn’t an easy time but we are lucky to have so many opportunities to keep in touch with family through modern technology.  Make sure you speak to family and friends every day via phone or video chat.  It’s important that people don’t feel lonely or vulnerable.


What’s your favourite room/place in your home?

My favourite room in my home is definitely my living room.  It’s the space where we come together on an evening and have some much needed time to relax together.  I definitely think it’s important to find that space in your home that is your sanctuary and where you can relax, watch some TV or even pick up a book.  Your home should always be your sanctuary and a place where you enjoy spending time.


What are your top pieces of advice for anyone self-isolating?

I think the key is to keep busy and also try and keep as much of a normal routine as possible.  I am still working from home which has helped me as I have a routine still through the week. 

I also find in our house there is always plenty to do.  We have been undertaking a few DIY projects that have been on the agenda for a while.


What are your top tips for those people that are new for working from home?

It helps to separate your work from home area so you can get in the zone when you should be working and you are also able to walk away from it at end of the day and separate that time from the time you should be relaxing.  Try and make the space bright and be an area where you want to spend time.  Nobody wants a miserable working space!


What are your top tips for those who want to spruce up their home during this time?

It’s the perfect time to get those little jobs done that you may not have found time to do previously.  Why not give a room a freshen up with a lick of paint or get out on the garden and get tidying it up for Spring.  We are lucky that the weather seems to be picking up so it’s the perfect time to find those green fingers you didn’t know you had! 


 What are your thoughts on home-cooking vs take-outs? Any recipe tips?

I am a massive foodie & I have lost my taste and smell at the minute which is affecting me massively!  I have a love for both home cooking and take out but tend to cook through the week and get a take out on a Saturday so we can relax with a film and not have the washing up to do!  When my taste returns I am planning on doing some baking.  I am not the best baker but with the time at home it is the perfect time to try and perfect my baking skills.

There are plenty of recipes online that are easy to follow if people want to spend this time trying their hand at cooking.  Also, if you are unable to go to the shop try getting food delivered from your local suppliers, butchers, bakers etc.  It’s also a fab way to help support local businesses.



Thank you Louise, you’re right – its so important to look after one another. It’s the little things that count, and can also make someone’s day.


Keep safe everyone