The lives of many have been turned upside down by the pandemic that we are living through. It is an unimaginable situation, one which nobody thought we’d be in. The country has been turned upside down. But, amidst the chaos, there are real heroes who are fighting to keep the country together – the NHS and those who are on the frontline. You are all Heroes.

We applaud you. We salute you. We thank you. Thank you for inspiring us, and the rest of the country.

We see the country coming together as a community through these times, and we want to support one another, and spread awareness where we can.

We have interviewed Kay, who is a key worker at a supermarket to share her stories and advice, so we can listen, learn, share and most importantly, applaud. Thank you, Kay, from all of us.

Lets come together as a community and together we can fight.

Roobba You Inspire Us Kay 1Instagram: @little_home_interior


Firstly, thank you for being a frontline hero. And that’s a thank you coming from the whole country! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your line of work?

Thank you. All the thanks and kind words certainly help during this time. I am a mother to six amazing children, and currently a key worker , working in a reputable supermarket.


How has it been on the frontline as a key worker?

It has certainly been an eye opener. I have witnessed first hand the change in behaviour and atmosphere. With panic buying putting immense strain on the sector.



Roobba You Inspire Us Kay 2How have you been impacted by this situation?

I think people assume because you work in a supermarket, you as an employee will be ok for food. This certainly wasn’t the case for many of us. I struggled to find nappies for my baby because everyone was hoarding. I only buy what I need, and found it shocking when I genuinely was in need of something. Even now, with the temptation to buy extra to avoid going without, I still only buy what I need. My weekly shop for a family of 8 was milk, a few bits of baby, one box of cereal, sanitary products. Because that’s all there was. I was shocked, but also disappointed. And seeing no fruit, veg or fresh produce was a sad sight.


How has your workplace adapted to this situation for their employees?

My workplace is in full support of those who have any health conditions or are expecting. Ensuring those we work with are staying safe.


How has your workplace implemented ways to support the NHS and the vulnerable?

We have implemented an hour slot, everyday solely for the NHS, vulnerable and care workers in the morning. Of course we understand that NHS workers shift patterns vary, so we have put stock of essential items aside for them. Eggs, tinned goods, toilet roll, antibacterial hand wash, long life milk etc. They show us their NHS ID and we take them to our warehouse for them to select what they need.


Where did your passion for home design and interiors come from?

My dad is a carpenter, so I have always been around design to a degree. But it was a few years ago when I decided to redecorate my home, as it was in need of a face lift. And now that it is finished, I find myself planning what I would do when we move. I am also learning how to use Auto CAD, and other design programs in my spare time as I would like to eventually move into this line of work. The whole process made me realise my vocation.


Roobba You Inspire Us Kay 3Can you tell us why it’s so important to stay at home during these times?

This is a once in a lifetime experience. The choices we make has a domino effect. Every time myself or another keyworker, NHS worker leave our home. We are putting ourselves and our families at risk. By staying at home, you are staying safe. Reducing the risk of contracting and spreading the virus.


What are your top pieces of advice for anyone self-isolating?

If I was self isolating, I would enjoy the quality time with my family. Do those odd jobs that have been sitting on my to do list for months. Learn a new skill. The internet is full of useful resources to enable you to learn something new. So why not use the time productively.


Can you share some tips for the NHS and frontline Heroes – when you come home from work, what are your top tips to relax and recharge?

Usually I try to process the day’s events. It’s a strange time, and it is a lot to process and get your head around. I then look at my family, and I am thankful that we are all happy, safe and healthy. And take it one day at a time, as everything changes. We are all trying our best. And that’s all we can do. To recharge I would usually have a cup of tea and an early night.


Do you have any stories or quotes that people can take inspiration from?

It always seems impossible until it’s done – Nelson Mandela