Best Suited To: ROObachelorette and ROObuild

Here we give our tips to create a warm cosy living and dining room with added chicness.

  1. The Colours: To create this kind of feel, we’d always suggest going for a darker colour palette, such as brown, navy blue, beige, burgundy or Turquoise. As we can see from both the living and dining room, these colours are all in this palette, which creates a warm cosy feel.
  2. Variation of Materials: If we look at the living room and dining room, there are a variety of materials used which put together, enhances the design. The contrast of the sofa with the marble effect coffee table, as well as the glass dining table with wood legs creates an eclectic chic mix.
  3. Simple yet Unique Design: We love simple, timeless yet unusual designs. You can add and mix pieces of furniture together, for example the glass table with a wooden art piece leg base, together with simple, timeless chairs.
  4. Splash of Colour: Having a darker sofa, such as navy blue, will create that warm, cosy feel. Just by adding a splash of colour, such as the mustard yellow cushions, will add a real vibrancy.
  5. Go for it! Add your design stamp: We love pushing the boundaries, and think you should too! If you’ve always dreamt of a certain style or design for your home, now is the time to achieve it! Have a look through our products, sourced from around the world, and don’t be afraid to put your stamp on your home! We’re here if you want to run anything by us or ask us our opinion!