ROOBBA was founded by interior designers and as a brand, we are very proud to be design led. We have an incredible team of designers who have a real passion to bring you beautiful quality pieces, which we hope will enable you to add your identity into your home and a bring a little joy to your everyday. As a brand, one of our missions is to constantly communicate with you to always listen and constantly evolve together. We are here to share our design knowledge and help you in all ways to design your home. We’ve asked the ROOBBA designers questions that you’ve sent us, and here are the answers! Here are our designers “interior design tips”.


How should I approach deciding what kind of furniture pieces are right for me?

 A good starting point is to know the style preference, whether that be traditional, modern, simplistic or art deco. Create a mood board (or a document) of colour schemes, furniture, materials to give a clear overview. We frequently do “Design Picks” on our Instagram where we pick and choose furniture pieces that would look good together. You can see which styles you like from there, and also from our “Which ROO are You” Page!


Where should I seek inspiration and ideas from?

Overall, it’s about choosing a colour scheme that feels like you, and adds to your mood when you get home. Have a think about favourite holidays or memories, usually there’s a colour scheme associated with it. Some people love feeling cosy, so warm, soft and sometime slightly darker colour schemes work well. Some people prefer bright and airy spaces so choosing lighter, more crisp colour schemes.


What do you believe to be the most important aspect of creating a homely environment?

The most important aspect has to relate to being comfortable. When a person is comfortable, they are relaxed and at home! The key to creating a comfortable home is firstly to choose your favourite colour scheme – usually involving natural colours, adding a splash of colour when necessary. Overcrowding with too many details can make the room look messy and can overcomplicate the room. It doesn’t matter whether the style is traditional or modern, the design should serve a purpose to create a homely environment.

Thirdly, comfortable furniture! A large comfortable sofa, armchairs and ottomans can instantly create that welcoming feel.

Its also important to ensure all the senses are catered for. The visual aspect being of course a priority! But we absolutely love candles and the calming smell and warmth they can create in your room.


What is the key to creating a personalised home interior?

Its definitely a personal preference, but we love taking inspiration from cultures when designing, which can be the basis of a beautiful sentimental design. Again, it’s so important to use Interior Design as self-expression to create a personalised design – which can be found in the details. For example, if you like gold accents then touches of gold in the furniture and in the accessories around the room. Same with chrome and other materials such as wood, glass, velvet etc.

Its good to understand trends and what works in terms of materials – but its also key to be honest when choosing colour schemes, materials, styles to ensure it represents who you are.


What current palettes do you deem most on-trend?

Mixing natural warm shades of wood and fabric with lighter stone materials and splashes of colours in the accessories. For example, having a cream or navy sofa, with wood cabinets and gold detailing. Or having a glass table top with either gold or chrome base, with cream dining chairs. This can create a clean contrast and a natural look.


What interior items do you believe to be the key features of a room?

We love matching quality, comfort and design. So its having a few key pieces in a room which connect the room and will last! For example a sofa and coffee table. Or the dining table and chairs. We love lighting so having a beautiful statement table lamp or a wall light or ceiling light will add vibrancy and design to the room. Our team are always on hand to answer any design questions so don’t hesitate to ask!