Now’s the perfect time to chuck out the old and in with the new! And that might include decorating that spare room or having a complete redesign to transform your home. Check out ROOBBA’s top tips for  Christmas Home Decor. Remember our team are on hand if you have any design questions!:


  1. Just by changing your lighting will give your room an instant design revamp and help create that atmosphere you’re looking for. Remember, switching to brighter bulbs i.e. “Cool white” bulbs will give a room more light, and will make it appear bigger. If you want to create a cosy, warm vibe, switching to “warm white” bulbs will help you do so!


  1. Buying a decorative lamp will not only give the room more light but can also become a statement piece in the room. These could be lamps with a beautiful Marble base and brass detailing, or gold metal work. We recommend ‘Etna’, ‘Everest’ and ‘Capitol’.


  1. Changing the colour of your walls to a natural based colour such as cream, beige, light grey or a pastel blue and then adding a splash of colour through the furniture or accessories will give a new fresh feel which is classic and timeless. Little details in furniture can make such a difference, for example the ‘Alysa’ chair which has neutral cream tones with a baby blue detailing on the back, or combine the ‘Bee’ Sofa range to mix the warm natural hues of the sofas with the richness of the maroon armchair.


  1. Upgrading your dining table that can make a lasting impact and be a statement piece in the room. If you change your worktop to a natural stone finish, this can instantly upgrade the look and quality of the room. For example, our ‘Belle’ and ‘Como’ Dining Table. The legs and base of the dining table is also extremely important, and can be the wow factor when walking into the room. For example, the ‘James’ or ‘Tony’ Dining Table.


  1. Ensuring all the wooden furniture and cabinets are the same wood colour will create that streamline finish. Perhaps there is one odd cabinet and if you either remove or replace this, it will make a big difference!


  1. De-clutter is key! After Christmas, homes can get cluttered with all those Christmas decorations, presents and extra-washing up! Have a good clear out and organise each room so that it looks tidy. This will be heaven to the eyes!