• Where is my Order?

    If you log in to “My Account”, you’ll be able to find all the tracking information and recent updates. We’ll also send you emails at key points pre-delivery to notify you of the updates.

  • I haven’t received an order confirmation email

    Please check your “Junk” box, sometimes they end up there! You can also log in to “My Account” to see the confirmation and check the status of your order and delivery info.

  • My order hasn’t arrived

    We hope this doesn’t happen! If it does and you haven’t received your order after the estimated delivery date, please log into “My Account” to see the status of where it is.

  • I haven't received all my order

    If you can please check your email confirming its “On its Way”.  Sometimes it’s the case that the other part of your is coming separately. You can also check by logging into “My Account” and seeing the status of delivery.

  • My delivery date has been delayed.

    We hope this doesn’t happen but trust us, we know how annoying that would be. We honestly work round the clock to ensure there are no delays, and we always try and notify you as soon as we know. If you log in to “My Account”, there should be a status update to keep you in the loop.

  • Can I get my order quicker?

    We manufacture our products as they get ordered. We do this to ensure we can quality check the furniture and give you the best, for less.

  • How can I track the progress of my order?

    If you log into “My Account”, you’ll be able to see the tracking information and status of your order.  You’ll also receive emails throughout the “pre-delivery stage” which will inform you of the updates.

  • I received the wrong product, what shall I do?

    We’re genuinely really sorry if that’s the case.  Please contact us directly and we’ll sort it immediately for you.

  • Ive received my furniture, however there are parts are missing?

    Hopefully this doesn’t happen, but we’re genuinely sorry if that’s the case.

    Please check all of the packaging and if parts are attached to other pieces of the product.

    If not, please contact us directly and we’ll sort this immediately for you.