• What is your Warranty?

    We have a minimum 1 year warranty for our furniture. This can go up to 5 years depending on the product. Please refer to each individual product page in the “Details” section to see their warranty. We are really proud that our warranties show the quality of the furniture and level of service we offer, for such affordable prices

  • Can we adjust the lighting when we fit it?

    We advise you to please ask a qualified electrician to do this. Please note that any alterations will void the returns policy.

  • Can we use LED bulbs in your lighting?

    Yes you can! We do advise you to please use a qualified electrician when fitting your lights.

  • Can I adjust the furniture?

    We don’t recommend adjusting the furniture as it has been manufactured in that way. Please note that any alterations will void the returns policy.

  • Can I request a fabric sample?

    We don’t send them out as standard but if you contact us directly, we will definitely see what we can do!

  • Do I have to buy pairs of chairs? Or can I purchase them individually?

    We offer our chairs individually so you can purchase any number you need! We know sometimes you may need an odd number so that’s why we’re flexible. We have a range of chairs you can order individually.

  • Are most of your furniture assembled?

    Yes! We are really proud of this. And that means saving you time. Some products do need assembly and we provide  “Assembly Instructions” for each product, which we hope makes it super easy! Please refer to each product page which will tell you if it comes assembled or will need assembly.

    Certain larger products such as dining table, sofas etc are delivered by a 2-man white glove delivery service who will assist with basic assembly for a 20 minute time period.

  • Can you assemble?

    Yes! We are really proud that we offer a basic assembly service included in the prices for certain items during delivery. The 2-man delivery service means that we deliver, take to your room of choice, unpack the item, do any basic construction like screwing legs on and remove the packaging. Any delivery including assembly will have a 20 minute time limit.

    Each product page will tell you whether the product needs assembly and if it will be delivered with a 20 minute assembly time. (This is located in the “Details” and “Delivery” sections)

  • Where are ROOBBA’s products manufactured?

    We have travelled all over the world to source you the most beautiful quality furniture, for the best prices. We’re really proud of the culturally diverse nature of our products.

  • Will my furniture fit?

    That’s an important question! Please click here for our “Will It Fit” step by step guide.

  • Do you have variation of colours for the same product?

    All the colour options of our products are on the website and come as you see them. We are always working to bring you more colour options and expand our range!

  • What are the dimensions of a product?

    You can find all the dimensions on each individual product page in the “Details” section. For the Corner sofas, there is a 2D plan image with the dimensions drawn on. To find these, please go to the individual product page and scroll through the images.

  • Do I need a left or right hand corner sofa?

    A right facing corner sofa has the ottoman or extension on right-hand side when facing the sofa (see below).

    A left facing corner sofa has the ottoman or extension on left-hand side when facing the sofa (see below).

    Please select ‘left’ or ‘right’ as applicable when ordering your corner sofa.



  • Do you do Dining Table and Chair sets?

    You can “Shop By Room” and “ Which ROO are You” where you can find sets of dining tables and chairs as well as living room sets. You can shop these and pick and choose between them

  • How do I shop your lifestyle images (Shop By Room and Which ROO are You?)

    You can shop by either which Room you are looking to furnish (Ie Dining Room, Living Room) or which style/personality best suits you (Ie ROObaba or ROObargain)

  • What do the sofa dimensions refer to?

    For all corner sofas there is a neat drawing with the images of each product so check that out!

    For 2 and 3-seater sofas please use the following guide to explain what each dimension refers to.

  • What precautions are being taken in light of COV19?

    We are open as normal and taking orders. Rest assured we have we’ve enforced measures to keep our production staff safe, including heightened hygiene processes, split shifts and social distancing of at least 2 metres. We are also bio cleaning all products before they are wrapped for shipping.