Welcome to the second part of our magazine series where we find the most beautifully inspiring hotel interiors. Our second winning hotel is within Europe. The Palacio de Villapanes in Seville, Spain. Use this blog as inspiration for decorating your home with ROOBBA’s affordable furniture.


This historic beauty was once a palace and has been transformed into a unique boutique hotel in the heart of Seville. As soon as you enter the courtyard, it’s clear to see the intricate cultural details etched into the architecture and within the interiors.


The room interiors are intertwined with culture and modern luxury design, which creates this sense of grandeur. Looking at the first room, our eyes instantly turn towards the wooden engraved doors, which are truly magnificent. The style of the room is made up of warm tones for the walls and floors, combined with neutral, cream tones for the furniture. So to achieve a similar living room look with ROOBBA’s affordable furniture, we can take key statement pieces like the “Vesta” or “Annie” sofa and combine with the “Vesta” armchair. We can then add a coffee table which picks up a little of the warm tones of the surrounding room, such as the “Lahoma”.

affordable furniture


If warm tones are more preferable, we can always choose pieces of furniture that match this. Such as the “Jenae” console table with the “Rossie” set of drawers. If gold tones are a style preference, then considering the “Verbier” set of living room furniture will achieve this design feel as well as adding your personality stamp.


affordable furniture


We can also see from the bathrooms that black marble is very prevalent. Marble can be a beautiful choice of material for certain furniture pieces such as dining tables, coffee tables and lights – just to give a few. Our affordable furniture choices which would match and enhance this interior style are as follows:  The “Como” dining table with the warm bronze base, the “Eldridge” coffee table with black marble and the “Kilimanjaro” lamp which also has a beautiful black marble lamp base.


Overall, the Palacio de Villapanes style combines warm darker tones with lighter neutral tones and adding the marble, wood and/or gold accents can help accentuate the beauty of the room as well as adding that tone of modern luxury.


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