Welcome to the third part of our series where we travel the world to find the most beautiful and inspirational hotel interiors.


This time we’re searching the Middle East for the best hotel interiors. Our winning hotel with one of the most awe-inspiring designs, is the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi.  As soon as you enter this magnificent hotel, you enter a spectacular Palace. One that resonates with opulence but constantly keeping you surprised and not over-whelmed. For those who love gold, this is the place for you. The intricate details, metal work and hard-carved woodwork all work together to create that feeling of royalty.


The key elements in the main lobby, are the incredible use of shapes and symmetry to create the designs throughout the walls, floors and ceilings. The grandeur in this hotel is unique and powerful. Using arches inter-connecting with different shapes in the ceiling has a profound and beautiful effect. Try using different shapes in furniture and lighting to re-create a similar feel.

The suites in the Emirates Palace work wonders to elevate your mood and not only have an incredible way to make you relaxed but also inspired. The recessed ceiling with the chandelier together with the wall panelling and the glass patterned doors all add to the luxurious feel of the room.


Having a focal feature of a beautiful large strong desk is inspiration in itself. Sitting at this magnificent desk will not fail to inspire you. We can achieve this look by using either Tomeka”, Rocky” or Walker” desks.

The bedroom has a wonderfully designed headboard which is merged to the wall to create a grand backdrop. The soft textures on this headboard are clever to ensure opulence is also linked with comfort.  You can also use large pieces of furniture to create focal points in the room, such as Mimi” or Tabetha”.

The Emirates Palace Spa is something to not only be experienced (as we must recommended this as one of the most beautiful spas in the world), but also to be bottled up and re-created in your own home. We believe in re-energising and these interiors will do just that. The theme is Moroccan with the beautifully detailed walls and alcoves, together with the low-hanging brass lighting. Serenity and relaxation all in one.


We can create this look by having a little alcove where you can add comfy seating such as Dayle”, Emerson” or Kendal” and add some cushions together with dim lighting such as Matterhorn”.


The Emirates Palace is not just a hotel, it truly is a Palace. A Palace which relaxes, re-energises and above all, inspires. A place to seek a new level of luxury and one that is so beautiful, you’ll want to come back for more.


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