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Mar 27, 2020

Welcome to the fourth part of our series where we travel the world to find the most beautiful and inspirational hotel interiors.

Our aim is to find interiors that represent cultural design at its best and help you transform your home to exactly how you imagine. We believe that the home is where you should be inspired the most, which is why we are passionate about finding the most inspirational hotel interiors in the world.

Our winning hotel in Asia is the most exquisite The St. Regis Mumbai. There is something to be said about this hotel. The interiors have been designed in such a way that exudes grand opulence but at the same time has an incredibly warm and calm feel.

The lobby is a sight to see with a grand staircase leading its way to flagship restaurant The Sahib Room. One of the hotels beautifully designed ornate restaurants. Another is the incredible restaurant By The Mekong on the 37thfloor with beautiful views overlooking Mumbai, which is run by the talented Chef Lee.

This beautiful grandeur is matched with such a care towards details. It is true to say ‘its all in the details’, which are so finely tuned in every corner of this hotel. In the lobby, the use of glass, mirror, marble and moulded brass creates a beautifully textured design. To achieve this look, we could use our Como table and Everest lamp.

When it comes to the bedrooms, we believe the best interiors inspire you to wake up in the morning and make you want to get out of bed, whilst also welcoming you at night to re-energise you for the next day. The St. Regis Mumbai bedrooms especially the St Regis Suite achieves this perfectly.  The use of soft textures throughout the room really helps the level of comfort this room offers.  The tones of beige, cream, brown and dark wood all compliment one another and create a homely feel.  To achieve this look, try using Sanford Sofa with Ethan coffee table.

The St Regis Suite is the definition of luxury and comfort. If you want to elevate your room to feel like this, try having walls which are textured around the room, such as behind the bed, or make the entire wall behind the bed a textured headboard for maximum comfort.

The Iridium Spa at The St. Regis Mumbai is a design to be admired. We would vote this Spa one of the best in the world. The serenity created through the design has an incredible calming effect. There is something to be said about simplicity in the design which we’d look to create in any bathroom or bedroom. There are the key focal points in the room which are the tall metal designs in the walls. The metal design cascades from the ceiling to the floor which creates a feeling of protection from the outside world. Everything else in the room appears very calm and when you dim the lights, you feel completely relaxed. Try also adding a texture of marble into the room to give that added detail. We can re-create this look by using either Elane or Leonora as a focal point.

Overall, The St. Regis Mumbai is the definition of beauty and elegance combined. The detail in every corner of the hotel is what makes the design so inspiring. We hope you can take inspiration from this hotel and design your dream home.

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